About Us

 VERVE Fitwear is a brand that offers innovative designs that do more.

To have “verve” is to have vigour and spirit.This encapsulatesthephilosophy of our brand and community. As such, all items in the Verve Fitwear collectionallowyou to lookand perform your best - givingyou a boost of verveto defeat whatever is in front of you.

We set out to challenge the status quoby offering gym gear that does more than just lookbright and colourful.Utilising the latest fabric technology,allproducts in our collection are as functional asthey are aesthetic.The collection features a range of items that caneitherbeworn for superiorgym performance orthrown on forextracomfort on those chill days.

Regardless of the situation the Verve clothing is worn, they are designed to flatter a woman’s physique. To ensure a first-class product, all clothing is in-house tested by our female team.

Being recognised for our outstanding service has remained at the forefront of our philosophy, and always will.If you have any thoughts or recommendations, please do{contact us via email @} 

Make it a Verve moment.